How to order!

It's simple.  You can find me on:-



Or simply contact me Here.

Give me some details on what it is you're after. For example: How many people are in the picture? Will you want an illustrated background or just a colour?  Or if you're not sure, I can help with some of the details.  

   From this I can roughly work out a price for you, as each picture can vary.

Looking for that gift that's a bit "different"?
Or just something to have at home?

Fully rendered caricatures done from photos and at your own convenience. No problem.

  Each commission is done with you in mind.  No duplicate bodies and all unique to your needs. Full colour or black and white. From single caricatures to groups. Hobbies and scenery.  You can make it as simple or as busy as you like.

   Each picture is digitally drawn, painted and then printed. Delivered with or without a frame.  With the picture being digital, you can use it for social media or however you wish to use it.

How it all works

   Once you have sent me a photo (or ideally 3 or 4 with good likenesses) I start with a rough and send it over to you via email or social media.  At this stage, changes can be made if you're not 100% happy. 

   Once the rough has been approved, I move on to the colour. Again, I'll send that for final approval. Only colour changes apply if needed, as the rough has already been approved.

Now its ready for print.


Differences in style!

Not only that, but you also have a choice of style.  By default, I will always work in the standard style (Examples below) unless I'm asked.  If I feel what your after might look better in a different style, for example if you wanted it for online use, like a social media avatar, I might suggest something on the lines of the graphic style, as this would look nicer and neat for what you are after.  But they would only be suggestions and the final choice is yours.

Standard style. Consists of a loose painted feel, with colour outline.


Standard single:

Head and upper body.

pic2 fam.jpg

Standard large group:

Upper bodies.

full body with bg.jpg

Standard small group:

Full body head to toe with a full, or partial background.



Clear black outline with airbrush style colour.


Premium Graphic:

Clear colour outline with airbrush style colour.  More detail.


Basic graphic shapes.


When sending me photos!

To help me provide the best service for you, photographs you send are quite important.  Most photos will be ok to use as reference, but there are others that just wont work.

Here's an example of the type of photos that work best.

pic with car.jpg

A good likeness.

   Obvious I know, but believe me three photos of the same person can easily look like a different person. Keep in mind, I have never met this person or people, so I'm seeing them for the first time.  As you know them, all photos will look like that person.  Often though, if they have obvious characteristics then this isn't a major issue, but it happens.

What not to use!


Obscured face.


Too dark.


Far away.


Funny faces.