Entertainment for keeps...

Parties, gatherings, events?  Make a lasting impression by having a live caricaturist. On the spot drawings to keep and take home.  Fun and very entertaining for all.

Business Event coming up?  What better way to remind people of your business than to have a caricature drawn of them with your company name or logo on the paper...


Not quite live...

A lot like live drawing, but, "not quite".  A similar service, but one where I work from my home studio and work from photographs.  However, the same rules apply.  I look at the photo and draw it as I see it. No line erasing or correcting.  Boom! The drawing is done.

The only main difference (apart from it isn't live) is that I'm under no time limits. So a slightly longer time is spent on it. Which understandably, may result in a crisper drawing.



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