Terms & Conditions

Fees and Payment


  • You must secure your booking by paying an agreed deposit, otherwise the date may be taken by another customer. Dates are booked on a first come, first served basis.

  • Deposits are non-refundable.

  • If the customer changes their mind at least 30 days before the event date, no further payment is required. If the balance has been paid early, and the customer changes their mind, the full amount (not deposit) will be refunded as long as it is before the 30 day

  • Final balance must be paid at least 1 week before the event.


The Service



  • The artist will arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time to set up.

  • The artist will require a well lit area to fit at least 2 chairs (for the subjects) a small table and 3rd chair for the artist to sit.

  • The artist will start and finish at the agreed time regardless of any delays caused outside of the artists power.

  • The start and finishing times are set. If no one has sat for an X amount of time, the finishing time will not be extended, unless otherwise agreed with both artist and customer.

  • Each drawing takes at least 4-5 minutes per person.

  • Singles, couples and small groups are welcome

  • Please be aware that large groups may cause delays for others in the queue. As a result, the drawing my be rushed and not look as good.

  • If the customer require certain people to be drawn as a priority (in the case of a wedding - bestman) It is their responsibility to arrange for them to sit for a drawing in plenty of time before the session ends.

  • Returning sitters. If there is a large queue, the artist has the right to turn away individuals that have already has a drawing done. (This tends to be children) This is only fair on those who have not had a drawing yet. If there is time at the end, the artist will be more than happy to draw them.

  • The artist is not responsible for anyone who does not like their drawing. Caricatures are subjective. If the guest requires another one, they may join the queue but allow other to be drawn first.

  • In the unlikely event of the artist being targeted with any abuse or threatening behavior, the subject will be asked to remove him/herself form the chair or queue to allow the next subject to be drawn. If threats or abuse continue, the artist reserves the right to finish his service immediately and leave the venue earlier then the agreed finishing time. If this happens, no refund will be given to the paying customer.

  • It is up to the customer to inform the guests of the start and finishing time. This will help avoid long queue and disappointment.

  • On rare occasions, the artist may draw one or two extra subjects after the finishing time. This is down to his choice and discretion. No further guests will be drawn after this time, as this can provoke others to continue to queue which will result in them wasting time and disappointment.

  • The artist will not tolerate abusive, aggressive, offensive or intimidating guests who are aggrieved at not having the chance to be drawn.

  • If the customer requires the artist to extend the service to draw more guests, then a payment of £100 per hour is required, provided there is no further bookings or commitments immediately afterwards and it is convenient to do so. This further charge must be agreed by both the artist and paying customer.

  • For bookings that are over 3 hours, the artist will have a 5minute break.


Photo Book


  • If the customer has requested a photo book, it is their responsibility to inform guests that photographs will be taken after each drawing. The artist will double check with parents if it is ok for this to happen.

  • The artist reserves the right to use some photos for promotional purposes, but will not use them until the book has been delivered.




  • The artist will need either the contact number of anyone who will likely have access to their phone on the day, wedding planner or the venue in case of any rare delays in traveling to the destination.

  • In the exceptionally rare instant that the artist is not ready to start at the agreed booking time due to unforeseen delays, (bad weather, heavy traffic etc) The artist will contact the relevant person to keep the customer up to date. The artist will still provide you with the full entertainment period by extending the finishing time.

  • Non-appearance due to acts of nature (flash flooding, trees down etc) or uncontrollable events (road blockages ect) will not result in your booking deposit being refunded. However this can be put towards a commission of another kind. If the customer has already paid in full, the amount after the deposit WILL be refunded.




  • If the customer decided to cancel within 30 days of the event date, payment of the full remaining balance is required.

  • In the highly unlikely event of a cancellation by the artist, you will be refunded in full including any deposit, unless the reasons are uncontrollable (see item above) The artist will always try and give you sufficient time to make alternative arrangements.