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Entertainment that'll last.

    Entertainment for the big day can be a minefield. Whether it's for the time in between the food and evening party, or for the evening party itself.

  Live caricatures at the wedding isn't just fun for the guests, but something they can take home as a memento of the big day.

That's not all....

    As well as live caricatures for the wedding itself, I provide a number of different services that'll make the day even more fun and memorable for everyone.


Live caricatures

Booking me to draw your guests won't just be fun for the people being drawn, but entertaining among those waiting.  It also makes for a great talking point.

How I work.

   I tend to work for a minimum of three hours.  This is a good amount of time to fit enough people in to be drawn.  However, if you needed me to stay longer or needed me for a shorter period of time, then that's not a problem.

   On average I can draw ten people in an hour.  That's about 5 minutes each, keeping in mind the sitting, the reveal and bagging of the picture.

  A lot of wedding caricaturists tend to walk around, drawing guests as they chat and drink.  This works for them.  I on the other hand, station myself at a small table in one area.  This works best for me as some people won't want to be drawn. With me in one place the guest can approach me by choice.  This also works for everyone as I can get more people drawn that way.

  All drawings are drawn on A3 paper and I provide a plastic wallet for the picture to go in, giving it an extra bit of protection. If requested, I can provide the name of the bride and groom, together with the date on the paper.


Bonus photo book.

    In addition to the live caricatures, I provide an optional bonus service.  With so many people having their caricatures drawn, the bride and groom probably don't get to see many of them.  So, I provide a photo book for them as an extra memory of the day.  After each caricature is drawn, a photo is taken.  After the wedding, I compile the photos into a book and have it professionally printed and bound in glossy hard back.


Wait! A family member couldn't make it?

Sometimes things happen and a close family member or friend couldn't get in and get a drawing done. Either they have turned up late or the queue was too long. I do get very busy, but that time comes where I have to shut shop. I do sometimes draw the extra one or two, but I have to say no, or that "Just one more" can lead into the small hours.

That's where my "Not quite live" service comes in.  For more information on this click Here.


Message Board

    A guest book is often at a wedding for guests to sign, write their best wishes and love for the happy couple.  But a book can be closed and left on a shelf.

    With a caricature message board, guests can sign it as they would a guest book, but the picture will be on a wall for all who visit to see for years to come.

   To order one, follow the process for the colour commissions, but with a couple extra requirements.

    As well as the photos of the couple for me to use, its often usual for me to have pictures of the clothing the couple will be wearing, hair style, and often the bouquet.  There has been times where I've just used generic outfits, as a simple wedding picture is all that has been asked for. This is very rare, as couples do prefer to include what they are actually wearing on the day.

   With that in mind, some couples don't know what the other person is wearing until the big day, which can be tricky when sending them the rough drawing for them to approve. This is not a problem as I can send a rough to each person with the other edited out.

   The caricature will be mounted with thick white card to be written on, cut to fit the picture, with a 50cm X 50cm frame.


Table placements.

    As a guest, what a great thing to be greeted by when taking your seat at the wedding meal, finding a table placement with a caricature of you on it.  Fun, a great talking point at the table and a keepsake for you to take home.

    All faces are drawn prior to the wedding day.  Similar system to the colour commissions where I draw them digitally from photos. A black and grey clean lined drawing with their name.  The caricature is printed on thin card and then laminated to add extra strength and protection against accidental spillages.  Also, the laminated picture is provided with little mini stands.



    Quite often, gifts are bought for some people for the big day.  Best man, bridesmaids, even the parents or guardians.  Whoever that special person is, a caricature is a wonderful and fun gift to give.

Packages are also available featuring the above services.  Contact me for further information and pricing. 



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